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About Me,

Your Personal Cheerleader!


Dr. Kristin E. Austin

Degree in Motherhood- in progress for 10.5 years 

Household-of-Fun-and-Chaos University

still-in-training; will never graduate

Ed.D. Higher Education Administration, Immaculata University, Immaculata, PA

The Doctor is in


Master of Arts in Counseling, College Student Affairs, Edinboro University, Edinboro, PA


Bachelor of Arts in Social Work, Bloomsburg University, Bloomsburg, PA

Names I often answer to:


the "Parent-Whisperer"

*the "Best Public Speaker Ever" 

*denotes possibly made up information 


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Hi! I'm Kristin and I love talking, tacos, and Target!

I am the proud founder and CEO of K.E.Advancement, Inc. 


As an Enneagram 3 (not sure what Enneagram is?  Check it out here!) I'm a motivated motivator and an accidental achiever! I'm a great cheerleader, but guess what- I'm also an introvert!  Confused?  Let me help. Picture this: a Broadway personality who shines on a stage, but who thirsts for silence and isolation the moment the curtains close.  Add a hint of awkwardness (and a taco bar), and you've found me!

Somehow, though, I've managed to make all of these quirks work to my advantage as this cooperation of chaos has produced some pretty unique talents, talents I would love to share with you! 

My skills include:

- being your cheerleader (Go, You, Go!!!)

- partnering with parents who are transitioning a student to and through college

- creating amazing resumes and cover letters

- facilitating workshops, trainings, and keynote presentations (I specialize in audiences with low expectations but who aren't afraid to admit when they leave the presentation "wowed!") 

- designing and refining university parent and family engagement programs

Some days, I do really well at being a mommy to three school-age children.  Other days, I throw food at them and then run and hide. No matter what, I keep cheering my way through life, eating tacos, and growing my relationship with Jesus.  

So that's me! I hope you'd like to connect so we can advance, together!   

Below, learn more about my super talented team! 


CSA_TVGraphic_F18v3 copy_edited.jpg

Mr. Bryson Purcell, M.Ed., SMS
Master of Education
Educational Leadership: College Student Affairs
Bloomsburg University 

Certified Social Media Strategist,
National Institute for Social Media 

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Information and Technology Management
Bloomsburg University  



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Hi, I'm Bryson! I am the Digital Strategist and GenZ expert for K.E.Advancement, Inc. 


I'm an Enneagram 2 which means I enjoy helping others succeed so you made it to the right place! On most days, you will find me behind my computer or phone screen doing Generation Z things which include endlessly scrolling through social media trying to find things that I believe deserve a "like", taking selfies with obnoxious filters, and internally judging large company's marketing tactics. 


On the flip side, I use all that screen time for good, not evil. During my undergrad, I learned that educational leaders are interested in me, ok not just me, but my generation so who better to tell you about me than me?

My skills include:

- Helping small businesses, higher ed departments, and individuals create, manage, and engage online using budget-friendly resources. Regardless of the field that you are in, your audience is online so you should be too. 

- Generation Z expertise! Why we do what we do. I may not have all of the answers but this is your chance for unbiased feedback from GenZ! (To sweeten the deal, I have friends who are easily persuaded with cheap food)

- Working with first-generation college students and their families to decode all of our higher education lingo/acronyms. Yup, I'm first-gen and proud of it!

- Fully utilizing a 20-30 minute window of time to "power nap" anywhere at anytime 

I look forward to working and connecting with you! 



Mr. Corey Bishop
Master of Education, Educational Leadership: College Student Affairs, Bloomsburg University 
2400 + Hours of National Volunteer Experience through AmeriCorps

Bachelors of Arts in History
Bloomsburg University



Hi, I'm Corey.  At K.E.Advancement, Inc., I am the High School Outreach & Transition Specialist. 

I have a weird collection of talents and skills including sales, customer service, mentoring, and education. My strengths (per StrengthFinder 2.0) include adaptability, learner, context, arranger, and intellection. I want to use my experiences to empower students and help them map out their educational goals.

I am the oldest of four and have been obsessed with mentoring for a long time. In life, I was the one who would make mistakes that my siblings would learn from. 

My skills include: 

- High school mentoring

- Academic and athletic coaching 

- B2B sales and service

- Navigating high school to college transition

- Resume, cover letter, LinkedIn, and interviewing skills.

- Gap year experiences, especially AmeriCorps

- Connecting students to resources 

- Youth leadership

I look forward to connecting with you!! 

cj bball.jpg

Hi!  My nickname is C.J. and I provide home office support for K.E.Advancement, Inc. I help with counting supplies, organizing materials for events, set-up, carrying things, and whatever else my mom asks me to do.  When I am not helping with K.E.Advancement, Inc., I am in middle school. I play basketball, football, and Fortnite.  My favorite NBA teams are the Cavs, the Lakers, and the Nets- but only because of Kyrie.  My favorite college team is Ohio State anything! I hope to meet you one day! 

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