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K.E.Advancement, Inc. is a not-for-profit 501c3 organization that empowers individuals, groups, and institutions toward personal and professional advancement. 


We inspire and motivate four predominate audiences:

1)  Parents and family of soon-to-be or new college students who desire the least stressful college transition possible

2)  Individuals seeking assistance with career transition who would benefit from resume or cover letter creation, job search assistance, and interview preparation  

3) Higher education institutions seeking to maximize the efficacy and impact of their parent and family programming


4) Entities seeking an engaging, entertaining, and

educational keynote speaker, workshop presenter, or training facilitator 

The nonprofit mission of K.E.Advancement, Inc. targets first-generation and under-resourced families and students. However, we serve anyone seeking a stress-less college or career transition! 


But hey, don't hang out here! Hop on over to the the "Services" tab to learn exactly how we advance these goals and relationships!  


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