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For Higher Education colleagues aiming to improve the efficacy and impact of their new student and family engagement goals



  • "Parents as Partners, Not Pesters, in New Student Adjustment" 

  • "Meet Them Where They Are: How Understanding GenX Helps Us Understand GenZ"

  • "Helpful Helicopters? Strategies for Soothing Stealth Fighter Parents"

  • Face the Parents. Book Their Enthusiasm: Deploying a High-Impact Parent Facebook Page

  • Stop the Scrolling: Engaging Content for Today's Collegiate Audience 

Giving a Presentation


  • New Student & Family Orientation 

  • Family & Parent Engagement

  • Enrollment Management Event Planning

  • Social Media Strategies for Engaging Parents

  • First-Year Experience Programming

  • Launching a Brand: Beginners Guide

  • College for Families Experience 

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